What worries you the most about your project?


Turn-Key Project Managers manage your project with a group of services divided in the three main project phases.

From the conceptual design until the last final detail, this phase finishes with a supplier analysis (equipment manufacturers and installers). Thanks to this analysis, you and TKPM, can select together the most suitable suppliers to achieve the defined project objectives.
  • 1.1 Pre project
  • 1.2 Basic engineering
  • 1.3 Detailed engineering
  • 1.4 Supplier analysis
Once you, with our help and collaboration, finalize the purchase orders to the previously selected suppliers, the execution phase starts.

TKPM’s team will be responsible for the control of the suppliers, from manufacturing to the individual starting up of the equipment and the systems. This phase finalizes with the starting up of the global production plant and the training of your personnel.
  • 2.1 Manufacturing management
  • 2.2 Logistic management
  • 2.3 Installation Management
  • 2.4 Commissioning
This phase runs parallel to the rest, practically from the beginning and ending with the project’s validation.

The quality, following the GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines, is monitored and controlled from the design phase, ending with the complete production plant’s validation.

The famous acronyms FDS, URS, DQ, FAT, SAT, IQ y OQ are the check-points of your equipment and installations in the different project phases.
  • 3.1 Qualification
  • 3.2 Validation